60 Penyakit dan Kelainan Mata


60 Penyakit dan Kelainan Mata

  1. Kelainan Refraksi mata
  2. Katarak
  3. Glaukoma
  4. Gangguan Retina
  5. Degenarsi Macular
  6. Diabetikus Mata
  7. Konjungtivitis
  8. Rabun Jauh (myopia)
  9. Rabun Dekat (Hipermetropia)
  10. Astigmatism
  11. Presbyopia
  12. Conjunctivitis (pink eye)
  13. Allergic conjunctivitis
  14. Benda Asing mata (Foreign object in the eye)
  15. Eye floaters
  16. Abrasi kornea
  17. Blepharitis
  18. Mata Merah
  19. Dry eyes
  20. Visual disturbances
  21. External eyelid stye (hordeolum externum)
  22. Watery eyes
  23. Nyeri Mata
  24. Eyelid turned in (entropion)
  25. Eye burning accompanied by itching and discharge
  26. Eyelid twitch
  27. Eye and vision development
  28. Dry eye syndrome
  29. Black eye
  30. Bleeding under conjunctiva -subconjunctival hemmorhage
  31. Retinal detachment
  32. Lazy eye
  33. Pterygium
  34. Diabetic retinopathy
  35. Night blindness
  36. Eye emergencies
  37. Visual impairment
  38. Hypertensive retinopathy
  39. Strabismus
  40. Bulging eyes
  41. Buta Warna
  42. Blindness
  43. Uveitis
  44. Hazy vision
  45. Scleritis
  46. Corneal ulcer
  47. Photophobia
  48. Hyphema
  49. Cone-rod dystrophy
  50. Ophthalmoplegia
  51. Ocular migraines
  52. Sarcoidosis
  53. Retinitis pigmentosa
  54. Retinal vascular occlusion
  55. Problems with eyes and ears in the premature baby
  56. Optic neuritis
  57. Myasthenia gravis
  58. Usher syndrome
  59. Coloboma
  60. Adies pupil



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